Texas Renewable Energy Systems - "Making a Greener Planet"

Community Solar Projects:

Heath, Texas - 1.2MW- Completed July 2016

Liverpool, England - 1.5MW
site assessment complete
project design approved
construction to begin Summer 2017

Utility Scale Projects:

Hickory, NC - 6MW 
site assessment complete
project delayed

Oahu, HI. 5MW- 
500kw phase 1- project approved
Completed Dec 2016

Special Projects:

Gesundheit Institute
Pocahontas county, W.V.
5kw micro-hydro- pending
50kw solar- pending

Point of View Farm
Pocahontas County, W.V.
60kw solar, 3.6kw wind, 14k off grid storage capacity- Project approved- construction to begin Summer 2017